The Baby and the Guck

Yes, her Guck. Most of you will recognize this as code for “The only way Im going to take a bath or get out of a bath is to have my little yellow duckie”  or  more simply put “Guck!”.  Its  an American icon, we love this thing. We have wonderful songs like, “Rubber duckie , you’re the oneeee, who makes bath time lots of fun…” (sorry that will be stuck in your head all day now!)  And its image graces clothing, art, and if you search, you probably have one  in your home somewhere. This thought was captured many years ago by me when I was a kid and was discovering my love of making images. The baby, my little sister is now an adult and I think she still has a rubber duckie -

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  1. Nora Downey-Easter April 22, 2011 at 3:43 am #

    What talent!

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